Marti A. Hearst


University of California, Berkeley


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Current and Past Projects:
  • Learning@Scale Using massive open online courses to improve learning and technology
  • Digital Humanities: Natural language processing and user interface design to support research efforts in the digital humanities, including digital poetry.
  • BioText: Bioscience Literature Analysis and Search, Citation Analysis
  • FLAMENCO: Applying Faceted Metadata to Search Interfaces
  • WordSeer: Text Analysis Environment for Humanities Scholars
  • Search User Interfaces: A summary of research on this topic
  • Social Media: Blogs, Tags, and Online Personals
  • Semantic Relations: Using Web Counts, Lexico-Syntactic Patterns, and Lexical Hierarchies to Detect Relationships in Language
  • Text Segmentation: Abbreviation Definition Recognition, Sentence Boundary Disambiguation, Discourse Segmentation
  • Information Visualization: Tutorials and Research on Visualizing Text and Other Abstract Data
  • Pvote: Improving the Usability of Electronic Voting Machines
  • Text Mining: Setting an Agenda for Research
  • WebTANGO: Automating Web Site Usability Assessment
  • TextTiling: Multi-paragraph Discourse Segmentation
  • TileBars: Visualization of Context and Structure in Search Results
  • Cha-Cha Search: Exposing Intranet Structure in Web Search Results
  • Scatter/Gather: Clustering Interface for Search Results
PhD Students:
Postdoctoral Researchers:

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