Marti A. Hearst


University of California, Berkeley


Information Visualization and Presentation (i247)

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Applied Natural Language Processing (i256)

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Teaching Applied Natural Language Processing: Triumphs and Tribulations ACL 2005 Workshop on Teaching Natural Language Processing.

User Interface Design and Development (i213)

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Search Engines: Society, Technology, and Business (i141)

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Information Organization and Retrieval (i202)

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Foundations of Software Design (i255)

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Analyzing Big Data with Twitter (i290-1) F'12

Seminar on Exploratory Data Analysis(i290-9), F'14

Proseminar in the Digital Humanities S'13

Technology for Search and Social Media (i290-16) F'07

User Interface Design Tools (i290-17) S'07

Text Data Mining (i296a-4) F'99

Current Topics in Information Access (i296a-3) F'98

Informavores   F'97

Selected Tutorials

Text, Tags, and Thumbnails: Latest Trends in Bioscience Literature Search (2009). pdf

Faceted Metadata in Search Interfaces (2009) ppt