Marti A. Hearst


University of California, Berkeley

Interested in Working on Research With Me?

I am always looking to work with students on projects related to my current research efforts. Recent projects can be found on my Research and Publications pages.

For Prospective PhD Students

Berkeley is a fantastic place to do research, and I encourage you to apply. The School of Information, is a good fit for students who seek an interdisciplinary degree. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is a good fit for students with a strong technical background. To determine which is the best fit, look the course requirements, and the research of the students who have graduated recently who will be typical of your cohort.

Please be aware that I do not directly admit students. PhD graduate admissions are handled at a department-wide level in both schools, and so emailing me about your application will not help your cause. These committees consider the standard criteria of prior academic performance, prior research experience, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, and community and diversity. For more information about how to apply, visit the I School and EECS Graduate Admissions pages.

If you do apply, please pay careful attention to your research statement. It should express a clear research question or project, contextualized within the state of the art, and articulating why your background sets you up to do scholarly research on the topic. It should also indicate why I may be an appropriate advisor for your work, and at least one other faculty member in the department who could also advise you given your interests.

Finally, please be aware that I and most other faculty members receive many emails from prospective students. While I am happy to read these emails and learn of your interest, I generally do not meet with prospective students unless they have already been admitted to our program, since there are just too many students for this to be feasible. If you're trying to get a sense for whether I would be a good fit as an advisor, please take a close look at my recent projects, publications, and talks linked to from these web pages. Thank you for understanding!

Interested in a Professional Masters degree in HCI?

The I School MIMS 2 year degree is a fantastic professional degree appropriate for students who want to study a blend of human-computer interaction, policy, technology, data science, management, society, privacy, and so on. Our graduates go on to excellent jobs in the public and private sector. A few choose to pursue research and PhDs, but research is not the focus of the Masters degree. For questions about this program, send email to .

For Current UC Berkeley Graduate Students and Postdocs

I am always happy to meet with current UC Berkeley graduate students and post docs. If you'd like to visit our lab to see if there is a fit, you are very likely welcome to do so.

For Current UC Berkeley Undergraduate Students

I am not taking on students as 5th years masters students.

If you are interested in working in my lab, you are most likely to be paired up with one of my PhD students, so take a look at their work. If you think you might want to work with one of them, please apply through the DARE program. I am currently only accepted undergraduates through this program.

Requesting an Internship at UC Berkeley? Student from Outside UCB?

I'm afraid I cannot help with requests for internships from non-UCB students and cannot reply to emails requesting these. I also cannot accept requests to work with visitors or students from other universities, or who are considering research at some future date. I encourage you to apply to graduate school if you are interested in pursuing research.