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School of Information
Department of City and Regional Planning


Can Online Education Technology Improve Excellence and Access at Berkeley? (PDF)

Individualized Service Provision in the New Welfare State: Lessons from Special Education in Finland (PDF)

Roepke Lecture in Economic Geography Venture Capital in the "Periphery": The New Argonauts, Global Search, and Local Institution Building (PDF)

A Fugitive Success: Finland's Economic Future

The International Mobility of Entrepreneurs (PDF)

America's New Immigrant Entrepreneurs, Part II (PDF)

The New Argonauts (PDF)

From Brain Drain to Brain Circulation: Transnational Communities and Regional Upgrading in India and China (PDF)

The Age of the Agile (PDF)

America's New Immigrant Entrepreneurs, Part I (PDF)

Silicon Valley's New Immigrant High-Growth Entrepreneurs (PDF)

Brain Circulation: How High-Skill Immigration Makes Everyone Better Off (PDF)

Brain Circulation and Chinese Chipmakers: The Silicon Valley-Hsinchu-Shanghai Triangle (PDF)

'Old Economy' Inputs for 'New Economy' Outcomes: Cluster Formation in the New Silicon Valley (PDF)

Government and Guanxi: China's Software Industry in Transition. (PDF)

Transnational Communities and the Evolution of Global Production Networks: Taiwan, China and India (PDF)

Taiwan's Hsinchu Region: Imitator and Partner for Silicon Valley (PDF)

Bangalore: The Silicon Valley of Asia? (HTML)

The Limits of Guanxi Capitalism: Transnational Collaboration between Taiwan and the USA (HTML)

Comment on Kenney and von Burg, 'Technology, Entrepreneurship and Path Dependence: Industrial Clustering in Silicon Valley and Route 128' (PDF)

Bay-to-Bay Strategic Alliances — The Network Linkages Between Taiwan and the US Venture Capital Community (HTML)

Inside-Out: Regional Networks and Industrial Adaptation in Silicon Valley and Route 128 (PDF)

Creating a Twentieth Century Technical Community: Frederick Terman's Silicon Valley (HTML)

The Bangalore Boom: From "Brain Drain" to "Brain Circulation" (HTML)

The Limits of Autarky: Regional Networks and Industrial Adaptation in Silicon Valley and Route 128 (HTML)

The Silicon Valley-Hsinchu Connection: Technical Communities and Industrial Upgrading (PDF)

"A Valley Asset" Editorial in San Jose Mercury News (PDF)

Wall Street Journal — Technology Journal Asia: " Back to India" (HTML)