Coye Cheshire

School of Information (ISchool)

University of California, Berkeley

305A South Hall

Berkeley, CA


(510) 643-6388

Fax: (510) 642-5814


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I am an associate professor at the UC Berkeley School of Information (ISchool). My work focuses on how various forms of exchange are produced and maintained on the Internet, and more broadly, in computer-mediated exchanges. Since computer-mediated environments often prevent us from using the social cues that we rely on in other forms of social interaction, these situations provide a unique and fascinating setting for studying social phenomena. I am a technology advocate and self-admitted computer and information technology enthusiast, so my attraction to sociology and the Internet, media, and computer-mediated communication became a natural blend of my personal and professional pursuits.

My current research topics include: (1) the role of trust and cooperation in interpersonal online interactions, (2) collective behavior and online collaboration, and (3) social incentives and motivations to contribute in online environments.