Yiming Liu

"An O(n) person in an O(log n) world"

Research Interests

Collaborative systems, social computing, location-based services


Ph.D. (expected)
who knows
B.S. Computer Science, magna cum laude
June 2006


Significant software

  • GeoFeeds
    • Platform for open and mashable location-based services
    • Co-developed with Prof. Erik Wilde
  • Popcuts
    • Startup music venture based on economic incentive engine
    • Y Combinator funded company
    • Winner of 2009 SXSW Accelerator in the Music category
  • SelfSolved
    • a community repository for common problems and solutions
  • Buy Music, Make Money
    • economic incentive model and prototype system for digital music distribution
    • 2008 James R. Chen award for Outstanding Master's Project
  • Zync (Yahoo! Research Berkeley)
    • Yahoo! Messenger add-on to enable synchronized music and video sharing
    • Built into Yahoo! Messenger 9 beta and above. Multiple peer-reviewed publications arising from data analysis.
  • Perspectives (Yahoo! Research Berkeley)
    • Citizen-journalism web services/application handled upload, processing, and aggregation of geo-tagged video from personal cellphones. Associated user-generated videos with news video from CNN based on location data.
    • Voted as one of the top 10 hacks at Yahoo! Internal Hack Day (Summer 2007).
  • We the News
    • Blog sentiment analysis for current events.
  • DocPreview
    • A browser plug-in for Safari to view Word documents
  • NAT-PMP.py
    • A Python library for dynamic port forwarding / NAT traversal on NAT-PMP routers


Ark.com, a second Y Combinator startup. Designed and implemented backend platform and internal web services

Co-founder -- Popcuts.com, an incentive-based music store, a Y Combinator startup. Designed and implemented e-commerce and incentive system from ground up. Led engineering and responsible for technical decision-making (2008-2010)

Technical/researcher -- Yahoo! Research Berkeley. Researched and developed prototypes on the Media and Community team. (2006-2007)

Graduate Research Assistant -- the Information and Service Design Clinic under Professor Erik Wilde and Dr. Eric Kansa (2007-2008).

TA -- for INFO 202 - Information Organization and Retrieval (Fall 2007)

For full history on the rest, see my curriculum vitae.


Programming Languages (in descending order of proficiency):
Python, C, Objective-C, Ruby (Ruby on Rails), PHP, C++, Perl, C#, Matlab, Java, IA32 assembly, Common Lisp, Scheme
Other Languages:
MySQL, Oracle, Postgres/PostGIS
Operating Systems:
Mac OS X, Linux (Redhat/Fedora), Windows, Unix (Solaris)


  • Paper: Taggers versus Linkers: comparing tags from del.icio.us with anchor texts from blogs (PDF)
  • Mini-talk slides: Forthcoming (PPT)