Understanding Values in Design and Engineering Practice

Are you a UX professional who thinks about the social implications of the products & services you work on?
We'd like to interview you!

We are conducting interviews for a research project at UC Berkeley to learn more about how UX professionals think about and discuss social values and the potential social implications of their products in their professional practices.

This study is being conducted by graduate student Richmond Wong and Professor Deirdre Mulligan at the University of California, Berkeley School of Information and has been approved the UC Berkeley Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects (Institutional Review Board).

  • The purpose of the study is to understand how designers and engineers think about and discuss social values in their professional practices.
  • Interviews will last approximately 1 hour at a time and location of your choice if located in the San Francisco Bay Area (and/or remotely via phone/video chat)
  • This interview will be a one-on-one interview with the researcher.
  • Risks and/or discomforts should not be greater than everyday life.
  • We will pseudonymize individuals' and companies' names in published material resulting from this research.
  • Participants must be 18 years old or older
  • Research participants are not paid; there is no direct benefit to you. However, the results from the study may help engineers and designers build technologies in ways that account for social values and their potential social impact.

For more information, please see our Informed Consent Form (.pdf).

About the researcher: Richmond Wong is a PhD candidate at the University of California Berkeley, School of Information. His background and prior work are in human computer interaction and design.


Send an email to Richmond Wong at richmond {at} ischool.berkeley.edu with the subject line Values in Design Study.

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