Privacy & Cookie Policy

I don't collect data from users, use ads, or use my own cookies to track information about users. However, I do use Google Analytics, which uses cookies to allow for the analysis of visits to this website. I use this data to understand what pages people look at on my site, what geographical areas viewers come from, and to understand how people find this website. (While technically it's non-personally identifiable information, Google Analytics collects and aggregates information that could show me how many people: have been on each webpage on this site; spend certain amounts of time on different webpages; have followed certain links to get to this webpage; previously visited this site; are visiting the site from different cities; and are using different types of web browsers; operating systems; and devices. As I do not use ads, I do not see any demographic data, personal interest data, collected by Google Ads.)

Google provides more information about the data they collect here: and more on Google Analytics' data practices here: Note that Google may collect additional information about you for their own purposes, including your IP address and webpage you're visiting, and your identity if you are logged into your Google account.

By using this site as is, you consent to have non-personal data used and processed by Google as described above. (Yeah, that doesn't really feel like "consent"...).

Opting Out

If you want to opt out of Google Analytics data collection, Google has an opt-out browser add-on: Alternatively, if you want to use an adblocker to block Google Analytics or a VPN to obfuscate while using this website, that's fine with me.