Richmond Y. Wong
PhD Candidate, School of Information, UC Berkeley

My research investigates how technology designers and engineers address privacy in their professional practices, and how design methods and approaches can be used to proactively surface, explore, discuss, and critique privacy and other social values-related concerns during the design process. I draw upon work and approaches from science & technology studies, human computer interaction, and speculative and critical design. See More

Latest News

Oct 2019 - Happy to share a pre-print of our upcoming CSCW 2019 paper in which we present an analytic tool to grapple with the value of fairness, This Thing Called Fairness: Disciplinary ConfusionRealizing a Value in Technology, a collaboration with Deirdre Mulligan, Joshua Kroll, and Nitin Kohli.

Sep 2019 - Our workshop, Ubiquitous Privacy: Research and Design for Mobile and IoT Platforms was accepted for CSCW 2019. Consider applying if you are interested in design approaches to privacy!

Aug 2019 - Quoted in Risk Management Magazine on the risks of pregnancy-tracking apps.

May 2019 - A pictorial documenting research done in collaboration with Sarah Fox, Noura Howell, and Franchesca Spektor, Vivewell: Speculating Near-Future Menstrual Tracking through Current Data Practices has been accepted for the DIS 2019 Conference

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