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CCN: 42721 
3 unit(s) 
Intellectual Property

Update: Readings for May 2 and 4 have now been linked on the syllabus.
Instructor)  Pamela Samuelson 
E-mail: pam@sims.berkeley.edu 
Office: 305B South Hall 
Phone: 510-642-6775
Schedule and readings

Time/Location  TTh 12:30-2:00
110 South Hall

Office Hours 

Th 4-5:30 pm or by appointment


Course Description 

This course will provide an overview of the intellectual property laws with which information managers need to be familiar. It will start with a consideration of trade secrecy law that information technology and other firms routinely use to protect commercially valuable information. It will then consider the role that copyright law plays in the legal protection of information products and services. Although patents for many years rarely were available to protect information innovations, patents on such innovations are becoming increasingly common. As a consequence, it is necessary to consider standards of patentability and the scope of protection that patent affords to innovators. Trademark law allows firms to protect words or symbols used to identify their goods or services and to distinguish them from the goods and services of other producers. It offers significant protection to producers of information products and services. Because so many firms license intellectual property rights, some coverage of licensing issues is also important. Much of the course will concern the legal protection of computer software and databases, but it will also explore some intellectual property issues arising in cyberspace.


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