Law 278.2: Copyright Theory Seminar

Professor Pamela Samuelson
University of California, Berkeley
Fall 1998  ~  Boalt Hall

    Offices: 341 North Addition and 305B South Hall
    Telephone: 642-6775 (same for both offices)
    Email: (accessible from both offices)
    Office hours: 4-6pm Mondays and by appointment

A considerable literature about the theoretical underpinnings of copyright law has emerged in recent years. Some of this literature looks to the works of philosophers, such as John Locke, for guidance; some focuses on copyright as a component of democratic theory and discourse; some discusses the law and economics of copyright and the potential impact of intellectual property rights having become integrated with international trade by virtue of the Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights annex to the World Trade Organization agreement. This seminar will study this literature and inquire about the transformations in copyright concepts likely to occur as more copyrighted material is disseminated in global digital networks.