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Some pieces from "Fresh Air" on NPR

A number of my "Fresh Air" pieces and other essays on language are collected in The Years of Talking Dangerously (PublicAffairs 2009), Going Nucular (PublicAffairs, 2004), and The Way We Talk Now , (Houghton Mifflin, 2001).

The Real Thing (accents and authenticity) 10/15/08

The Street Where They Live ("Main Street") 10/8/08

All Thumbs (texting) 7/10/08

Speaking Blue to Power (George Carlin) 7/4/08

Marriage Knot ("gay marriage") 5/28/08

Where the Elites Meet 4/25/08

Under the Bus 4/22/08

Pause for Thought ("um") 4/14/08

Conversation Stopper 4/3/08

Puttin' on the Style (Wm. F. Buckley) 3/17/08

Chump Change 1/14/08

"Indecent" Exposure ("fleeting expletives" and the FCC), 6/14/07

A Wiki's as Good as a Nod 6/5/07

Say You're Sorry (on non-apologies), 1/25/07

The Language of Eve 1/3/07

Going Nucular (a controversial mispronunciation), 10/2/02

A Millennial Ode ( Words we should toss before 2000 gets here)(1999)

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