Source codes from the book


Download here: [169 Kb]


Warning: This is a preliminary version of the source codes.

Our intention is to prepare the source codes in such a way, that one can run them successfully with minimal efforts. However, there are cases in the book where only fragments are published, and in such cases there might be difference between what you see in the book and the corresponding C source code in the attached archive. Due to the fact we had a very limited time to prepare the sources (while many people wrote us and asked for them) we finally decided to include an initial preliminary distribution. Hence we beg for your mercy if something occasionally is not compiling, not running, or is slightly different from what is published in the book. If you find any bugs (especially if you believe the bug is also in the printing) we will be happy to hear from you either personally by e-mail, or on the bug-report forum of the book: