2004 American Cultures Program, Research and Development

2003-2004 Comt. on Research, UCB, Research Grant: German Music Incunabula

2001 American Cultures Program, Research and Development

2000 Humanities Research Fellowship, UCB

1999 LSTA/California State Library, Sheet Music: A Window on 19th-Century California. To complete MARC/SGML cataloging.

1998 Summer HUD, Joint Community Development Program, through UCB Institute of Urban and Regional Development

1998 UCB Committee on Research. Research Assistantship in the Humanities

1996 LSCA/California State Library, Sheet Music: A Window on 19th-Century California

1996 Los Angeles Times Pick-of-the-Week. Website Thomas Nast, Political Cartoonist.

1996 NEH Incunable Short Title Catalog, U.S. inventory. Project Surveyor

1995 UCB Chancellor's Equipment Grant (laptop)

1994-1995 UCB Office of Educational Development. Image web site for American Cultures course: Print and Power in America: To 1900

1994 American Cultures Summer Faculty Fellowship

1994 Music Library Association, Duckles Award (Book of the Year)

1993 Townsend Center for the Humanities, Working Group "Computers and the Humanities" 1990 NEH Grant, California Council for the Humanities, Quest for the Renaissance

1989 NEH Grant, Quest for the Renaissance, Project Associate

1988 Humanities Research Fellowship, UCB (Spring Semester)

1987 NEH Grant, Quest for the Middle Ages, Project Associate

1986 IBM DACE Grant and Academic Computing Center Grant, "CD-ROM for LIS 200"

1986 Regents' Junior Faculty Fellowship

1986 Newberry Library Fellow, Chicago

1985 UCB Grant-in-Aid of Research (IBM PC/XT and software)

1984 NEH Grant, American Music Bibliography, Project Associate

1983 TIES (Teaching Innovation and Evaluation Services) Grant, "Computer Text Design, Typesetting, and Printing: Laboratory." (UCB Committee on Teaching)

1982 Summer Research Grant (UCB)

1981 Teaching Assistant Training Grant, "Integrating Online Searching in Bibliographic Instruction" (UCB General Funds)

1981 Phi Beta Kappa

1978-79 Martha Baird Rockefeller Fund for Music (Venice, Italy)

1962-63 Fulbright Grant (Paris, France)