Gender in Calfornia Sheet Music

Woman as Man A female singer plays the male role of "Algy, the Piccadilly Johnny with the Little Glass Eye." The cover photograph of Vesta Tilley reveals her female nature beneath the suit of Algy.

Man as Woman William Horace Lingard's curly bangs are clearly identifiable in both his pictures, in female attire for "I'm Not a Gossip" and male attire in "Happy Daddy." Male singers play female roles for "D'Artagnan's Love Song" from "The Three Guardsmen." The cover photograph shows a quartet made up of two men and two women, all dressed in female costume, captioned: "Ferris Hartmen and the Smallest Girls in the Company" in "The Children's Quartette."

Girl Baritone More enigmatic is the caption "Sung nightly by America's Girl Baritone" on the cover of "On the Day that Dewey Comes Home" (1899). A most lovely Ola (or on other copies Olga) Hayden is pictured with long curls and an off-the-shoulder dress, billed as the singer of the song by Joe Hayden.