Search (Full Cataloging)

Fully described records have been created for about 20% of the sheet music titles and can be searched by (1) any word or (2) by Cheshire II is the search engine for the full records, a state-of-the-art program that changes MARC records to SGML for processing and displays retrieval in HTML. Users may combine several fields with boolean AND or OR. Search words are repeated at the top of the display, together with the number of items retrieved. Users may choose to display a short or long display of records retrieved, and click on the box to view images. The pages of a records are listed on the left frame by numbers corresponding somewhat to pages of the sheet music; blank pages have not been scanned. Wrappers are added as additional pages. Where copies have been found to have variant title pages, advertisements, or wrappers, they have been scanned and presented so that users have access to a variety of forms under which an edition was printed (black/white or color title page, "Second Edition",series title page).