Disasters in California Sheet Music

Floods "California Flood Mazurka," (1870s) with a lithograph of J Street, Sacramento, under water. Details of buildings allow identification of particular places of business, architecture, and modes of water transportation.

Blizzards The blizzard of 1872 stopped the Union Pacific in the plains, commemorated by "Snowed In Galop," with a lithograph of deliveries on foot of supplies to the train.

Shipwreck A poignant plea of a frightened girl, "I do not want to be drowned," created a bestseller. Illustrated by a lithograph of the burning steamship "Golden Gate," the song in several verses narrated the girl's escape to shore. Flames were hand-brushed in yellow, red, and orange on each of thousands of copies.

The wreck of the "Brother Jonathan" is pictured in a woodcut on the cover of "The Sunken Rock" by P. R. Nicholls, published by Salvator Rosa in 1865.