University of California, Berkeley, Department of Music

Fall 2005, Music 220, Seminar, Friday, 1-5 pm, Library, Seminar


Constructing a new ritual context

Reform and music: 1450-1600


Mary Kay Duggan, Prof.


Orlando de Lasso, 1532-1594, Part II; Instrumental Music

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Focus: Continuation of Lasso with focus on masses, parody technique, modality.

Instrumental music in the liturgy.  Gabrieli and the canzone, on the way to the sonata da chiesa.  What is the sonata da chiesa; when does it begin?  What is Gabrieli’s canzona/sonata and how does is relate to the sonata da chiesa?  When does written instrumental music become part of the church service?


Instrumental music in the liturgy

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Lasso Biography

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Sound Recordings

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