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What is DiscoverNXT?

Join a community of trailblazers
building the innovations
that are shaping our future


People who want to find and help great innovators succeed, whether an industry expert or just a believer.

Become a Discoverer



Startups with a vision or mission they want to share with the community.

Become an Innovator

Why Discover?

When Discoverers and Innovators team up, everyone benefits.


Start a Movement. Even the Beatles needed fans before they were famous. At NXT, Innovators need believers like you to be successful.

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Find Believers. Discoverers are looking for great innovations from brands they believe in. Treat them like family and build long-term relationships.

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Who uses DiscoverNXT?

“Our brand couldn't have done without it. It propelled us from a garage startup to one of the biggest brands in the fashion industry.”

- Kristen Fox, EcoClothing

“DiscoverNXT is brilliant. It puts developments in behavioral science at the forefront of innovation.”

- Richard Thaler, Phd., University of Chicago

“I wish I'd thought of this.”

- Elon Musk, Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity

How It Works

NXT is made up of Discoverers and Creators.

Which one are you?


Browse the web for innovations that you think should be recognized. Use the Discover bookmarklet to share them with NXT.

There are a few rules to posting


See what other people






The idea behind DiscoverNXT

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DiscoverNXT is currently open by invitation only. Request one here:

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