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GearUni provides a direct link between outdoor companies and consumers, allowing them to recognize advocates who understand their products, and reward them with incentives usually reserved for outdoor industry professionals.

Who we are

GearUni is a community of outdoor sports and fitness enthusiasts who understand the importance of having the highest quality gear, apparel and equipment for every adventure.

What we do

Sharing their experiences and knowledge allows others to make better buying decisions, so that they can worry less about whether or not they found the right products, and focus more on enjoying the activities they love.

GearUni is a free to join, inclusive platform for enthusiasts of all backgrounds to learn more about products, pass on that knowledge, and earn killer deals in the process. We understand that you don't need to work in the athletic and outdoor industry to be as passionate about it as we are, and GearUni is a place to share that passion.


The more you get into a new sport or activity, the more you realize how important it is to have the right gear, equipment and apparel. How much time do you spend researching and trying to learn about what makes one product different from another? GearUni gives you the opportunity to learn about new products and be rewarded for doing it.


Since you get to buy directly from manufacturers, there's no middleman here. You get access to deals you can't get elsewhere. Not only that, but the more you learn about products and the more you share with your friends, family and the GearUni community, the better the rewards get.


Be part of a community of outdoor and fitness enthusiasts who want to share their experiences and knowledge about what makes the activities they enjoy even better. Learn from those experiences and help others by sharing your own. Find out what's getting people excited and be recognized for being an expert at what you love to do.


Partnering Companies

By participating in the GearUni community, contributing to discussions and taking the initiative to learn about new products, your influence increases and you gain access to better offers on products from leading companies.


What people are saying about GearUni

Will BurksProfessional Extreme skier, BASE jumper and Speedwing Flyer

Companies rely on me to build brand awareness, product features and create brand advocates. Brand ambassadors like me are a key link between sports gear companies and loyal customers

Jack SharkBait HewittAdventure Addict and High School Snowboard Coach

As an adventure addict and high school snowboard coach, I'm constantly researching new products and information. I fully support the idea of sharing information and product experiences with fellow enthusiasts who are using and testing gear themselves. Industry news, reviews, and discounts on high quality gear? I'm on board.

Garth CallaghanParagliding Instructor and Outdoor Sportsman

Great idea. I love the idea of having access to information, reviews and discounts on products that are out there on the market.

Jasper KingKite-Boarder

As a kite-boarder, having access to brand information and knowledgeable riders in my community to share information with is killer. Discounts on top? SIGN ME UP.