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The Internet Should Be Fast and Free

Our mission is simple: Make the fastest internet available to everyone. As part of Mesh Republic, you get 20 GB of free data every month. After that, you pay only for what you use, at a rate of just $0.20 per GB. The average household pays about $40/mo and gets speeds that are up to 4x higher than average.

The Streaming Solution for Tomorrow's Connected Home

Mesh Republic gives you the fastest connection in your area without complicated pricing structures, throttling or high data costs. Experience streaming TV, movies, music and web content like never before!


Don't wait for fiber lines to be installed in your neighborhood. Wireless means you can get service now.


Most internet service providers(ISPs) charge you for speed. With Mesh Republic, everyone gets to enjoy the same high speed service.


No modems or routers necessary. Free network health monitoring and smart status notifications. RocketSwap servicing. What's not to love?


When the internet gets faster, so do we. Our firmware updates autmatically, so you always have reliable access to the fastest connection speeds.

How It Works

Mesh Republic's patented Rocket technology was built for the internet of tomorrow

Rocket Install

You choose a Mesh Rocket design that compliments your home's personality, and we send out a technician to install it on your roof.

Easy Connect

The Mesh Rocket takes the place of your modem and router, so all you need to do is connect to your new network.


Lean back and fasten your seat belt. It's time to enjoy a super fast and reliable Internet connection.

Advanced Bandwidth Technology

Do you use a rotary phone to keep in touch with friends? What about to stream HD movies? Let's face it, if you're like most people in the U.S., you're still connected to the internet with technologies that weren't built for high-speed data transfer.

If we think of data as flowing water, and your internet connection as pipes, this means your pipes are old, rusty and are frequently clogged. When you stream movies and music or transfer files on connected devices, you need big pipes to keep things moving. In other words, you need a superhighway for your data.

Free 20GB of Data Every Month With No Monthly Fee

When you own a Mesh Rocket, you become part of the Free Republic. There's no monthly fees, and we give you 20 GB of data every month at the same super fast speeds. Mesh Rockets start at $300.

Additional Data at Great Rates

Goodbye, complicated Cable TV/Internet/Phone packages. Goodbye, speed-limiting plans. Always get the fastest speeds, and only pay for what you use. Just like your water.

(Except that unlike your water, the more you use, the better rate you get!)


Mesh Rocket technology is fast. How fast?

The following chart is based on average 100Mbps speeds.



Still not convinced? Here are some more reasons to try Mesh Republic.

How is Mesh Republic different from other wireless providers?

Existing wireless data providers are expensive and slower. Mesh Republic's patented Rocket technology reduces costs of providing wireless data by up to 80% per GB. We pass those savings on to you.

Is Mesh Republic a LTE network?

No, Mesh Republic is built on a patented long-range wifi network. LTE speeds are about 20-50 Mbps whereas current wifi technology can be up to 1.7Gbps - 2.5Gbps, or about 50x faster. Realistically, though, most users will get about 100Mbps with our current system, and the next generation should be even faster!

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