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Theory and Practice of Tangible User Interfaces

A 4-unit studio course explores the theoretical framework of tangible user interfaces through a series of design examples and hands-on physical computing exercises with prototyping boards and various sensors and actuators. Offered: Spring & Fall 2013, 2011, Fall 2009, 2008, and 2007. [website]

Technologies for Creative Thinking and Learning

A 3-unit seminar course explores issues on designing and evaluating technologies that support creativity and learning. The class covers theories of creativity and learning, implications for design, as well as a survey of new educational technologies such as works in computer supported collaborative learning, "digital manipulatives," and immersive learning environments. Offered: Spring 2012, 2009, & 2008. [website]

Interface Aesthetics

A 2-unit semester seminar covers visual design basics (e.g., color, layout, typography, iconography) as well as new interface metaphors beyond desktops (e.g., for mobile devices and computationally enhanced environments). Offered: Fall 2010, Spring 2009, 2008, and 2007. [website]


PhD Students

2011 - present Laura Devendorf

2008 - 2012

Daniela Rosner (Joining University of Washington's HCDE department as an assistant professor in Fall 2013.)

2009 - 2011 Dilan Mahendran (co-advised by Paul Duguid)
As a dissertation committee member:
2009 - 2013
2009 - 2013
2012 - 2013
2012 - 2013
2007 - 2011

2009 - 2010
2008 - 2010
2007 - 2008

Elizabeth Goodman (School of Information)
Hsin-Hsien Chiu (Architecture)
Timothy Charoenying (Education)
Yoon Jung Jeong (Mechanical Engineering)
KaiFeng "Emelie" Cheng (Architecture)
Cecilia Kim (Architecture)
MaryAnne Berry (Education)
Ana Ramírez Chang (Computer Science)

Masters Students

2012 Deepak Subramanian (James R. Chen Awards Honorable Mention), Leslie Tom (James R. Chen Awards Honorable Mention), Alex Chung, D. H. Jung, Iris Cheung
2010 Ljuba Miljkovic (James R. Chen Awards for Outstanding Master's Final Project), Carol Chen, Jin Young Baik, Janani Vasudev, Sunny Lee, Ashley Kayler, Connor Riley, Laura Paajanen
2009 Hyun-Young Jin (Architecture), Hsin-Hsien Chiu (Architecture), Tavi Nathanson (IEOR)
2008 Daniela Rosner (James R. Chen Awards for Outstanding Master's Final Project), Kesava Mallela, Karen Hsu, Alana Pechon, Jerome Tobias (Architecture), Seung Wook Kim (CS)
2007 Edmund Wong