Marti A. Hearst


University of California, Berkeley

Research: Information Visualization

Language and Visualization

Research at the intersection of Language and Visualization.

  • Hearst, M., Pedersen, E., Patil, L. P., Lee, E., Laskowski, P., & Franconeri, S. An Evaluation of Semantically Grouped Word Cloud Designs. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2019 pdf   Medium blog post
  • Hearst, M., and Tory, M. Would You Like A Chart With That? Incorporating Visualizations into Conversational Interfaces, IEEE Vis2019, Short Papers, Vancouver, 2019. pdf   supplement  
  • Hearst, M., Tory, M., and Setlur, V. Toward Interface Defaults for Vague Modifiers in Natural Language Interfaces for Visual Analysis, IEEE Vis2019, Short Papers, Vancouver, 2019. pdf   supplement
  • Alspaugh, S., Zokaei, N., Liu, A., Jin, C., and Hearst, M.A., Futzing and Moseying: Interviews with Professional Data Analysts on Exploration Practices, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 25 (1), 22-31, 2019 pdf  
  • Tag Clouds: Data Analysis Tool or Social Signaller?, Hearst and Rosner, HICSS 2008, Social Spaces minitrack.   pdf
  • Information Visualization for Search Interfaces, Hearst, Chapter 10 of Search User Interfaces, Cambridge University Press, 2009. html
  • Information Visualization for Text Analysis, Hearst, Chapter 11 of Search User Interfaces, Cambridge University Press, 2009. html
  • TileBars: Visualization of Term Distribution Information in Full Text Information Access, Marti Herast Proceedings of the ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems(CHI), pp. 59-66, Denver, CO, May 1995. html     More information

    Image of TileBars interface

  • Cat-a-Cone: An Interactive Interface for Specifying Searches and Viewing Retrieval Results using a Large Category Hierarchy , Marti Hearst and Chandu Karadi, Proceedings of the 20th Annual International ACM/SIGIR Conference Philadelphia, PA, July 1997, pdf html (this version has an appendix with larger images)

    Image of Cat-a-Cone interface

  • User Interfaces and Visualization by M. Hearst, in Modern Information Retrieval edited by Ricardo Baeza-Yates and Berthier Ribeiro-Neto, Addison-Wesley Longman Publishing Company, 1999. html
Information Visualization Pedagagy
  • Hearst, M.A. On Teaching Narrative Infographics in an Information Visualization Course, Workshop on Pedagogy of Data Visualization, IEEE Vis, Oct 2, 2017. M. pdf  slides 
  • Hearst, M.A., Laskowski, P., and Silva, L., Evaluating Information Visualization via the Interplay of Heuristic Evaluation and Question-Based Scoring, CHI 2016. pdf video   auxiliary materials zip
  • Hearst, M.A., Adar, E., Kosara, R., Munzner, T. Schwabisch, J., and Shneiderman, B. Vis, The Next Generation: Teaching Across the Researcher-Practitioner Gap, Panel for IEEE Infoviz, October 2015.  pdf
    Slides on Teaching as Coaching from IEEE Infoviz.
  • Keynote talk at NVAC 2006:
    Visualization: in Text Analysis Problems   ppt (6M)
  • Tutorial presented at CHI 2003:
    Information Visualization: Principles, Promise, and Pragmatics   pdf
  • Tutorial presented at SIGIR 2000:
    User Interfaces and Visualization for Information Access ppt (10.6M)
  • Regularly Taught course:
    Information Visualization and Presentation
    Lecture materials and class projects from prior years:
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Other Visualization Projects
  • Improving Aviation Safety with Information Visualization: A Flight Simulation Study, Cecilia Aragon and Marti Hearst, proceedings of CHI 2005.   pdf

  • ImproViz: Visual Explorations of Jazz Improvisations Jon Snydal and Marti Hearst, CHI 2005 Conference Companion   pdf of the paper   pdf of the poster

  • Animated Exploration of Graphs with Radial Layout, Ka-Ping Yee, Danyel Fisher, Rachna Dhamija, Marti Hearst, in IEEE Infovis Symposium, San Deigo, CA, October 2001.