About me

I am a sociological social psychologist at the UC Berkeley School of Information (School). I conduct empirical research on group processes including social exchange, trust, and interpersonal relationships. Much of my social research examines interpersonal communication and collective behaviors among those who use information technologies. Technology-mediated social interactions can change how we use the social cues that we rely on in other parts of our lives. Thus, online interactions provide unique and fascinating settings for the study of old and new social phenomena. I am a technology advocate and self-admitted computer and information technology enthusiast, so my attraction to social psychology, sociology, and technology-mediated social interaction is a natural blend of my personal and professional pursuits.

As a mixed-methods researcher, I develop and test specific theories of human behavior using controlled laboratory experiments, online experiments, quantitative survey designs, online trace/log analyses, qualitative interviews, focus groups and participant observation. My research falls into a few principal areas, including trust and online sharing economies, paths of participation in online systems, social uncertainty, risk and trust with information technologies, and methodological and theory contributions in the areas of social psychology, sociology, and human-computer interaction.

Contacting me

305A South Hall
Berkeley, CA

Email is the best way to reach me:

coye {at} berkeley.edu

(510) 643-6388
Fax: (510) 642-5814