Rodents in NYC Visualization

By: Chris Fleisch, Marshall Ratliff, Christopher Danicic

Rodents and Restaurants

Using the restaurant inspection data from NYC Open Data we visualized the inspection violations that were the result of rodents or rodent signs. This data is provided by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) and contains records for the years 2010 through 2017.

Restaurant Search Tool

Click the full screen icon in the lower right corner for best experience. This tool is for the NYC restaurant goer who would prefer not to eat food that has come into contact with rodents or their feces, which is presumably everyone. The dashboard contains 4 windows. Clockwise from top-left they are:

  1. (Top-Left) List of restaurants currently in the selection with violation count, ordered from most to least violations, although this can be adjsted via the icon in top-center of the window. Further details on price, ratings, and location on hover-over of the bars. Click to filter by single restaurants.
  2. (Top-Right) Map of New York by zipcode. Color corresponds to number restaurants in the zipcode within the current selection. Click to filter by restaurant.
  3. (Bottom-Right) Bar chart of average number of rodent violations by individual types of cuisine, sorted from most to least. Click to filter by cuisine type.
  4. (Bottom-Left) Heatmap of average number of rodent violations by price and rating (from the google places api corresponding to number of dollar signs and binned rating values). Click or sweep selection to filter by price and/or rating (click, hold and drag over to select ranges).
Filter boxes in the panel on the right include custom-list search boxes for searching for specific restaurants, cuisine types, zipcodes, or boroughs as well as lists of check-boxes for ratings and price which can use added or removed from your selection.