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Raynard Coe Swank.

Raynard Coe Swank, Professor Emeritus and former Dean of the School of Library and Information Studies, University of California, Berkeley, died aged 82 on March 17, 1995.

Prof. Swank received a B.A. in English, 1934, and, later, an Honorary LL.D. from the College of Wooster; a B.S. in L.S., 1937, from Western Reserve University; and a Ph.D. from the Graduate Library School, University of Chicago, in 1944. After working at the University of Colorado and University of Minnesota Libraries, he was the University Librarian at the University of Oregon and, later, at Stanford University, before becoming Dean and Professor at Berkeley in 1962.

He led a very active life as thinker, writer, consultant, administrator, teacher, musician, and traveller. He had a broad interest in library cooperation, library management, bibliographic control, and the social dimensions of libraries. Some of his writings were re-issued as A Unifying Influence:  Essays of Raynard Coe Swank. (Scarecrow Press, 1981). Ray Swank served the American Library Association in many different capacities from 1948 through 1975 and was Director of the International Relations Office from 1959 to 1961.

His service to the California Library Association during the same period was recognized by the resolution of an expression of gratitude for "Very special contributions to the health and welfare of the Association" at the Annual Membership Meeting in 1971 and, in 1976, by the Boyle-Hutchison Award for outstanding service and distinguished leadership in promoting the use of audio-visual materials.

Ray Swank was a farsighted man of great and varied talents. He had a dedicated and creative approach to library service. He was also affectionate, helpful, and inspiring to others.
(Memorial adopted by the American Library Association to honor Raynard Coe Swank at its 1996 Midwinter Meeting.)
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