School of Information Management & Systems
 Previously School of Library & Information Studies

  Michael Buckland, Professor.

 History: South Hall, SL, SLIS, SIMS, SI

Some historical notes and links about the School Information and its antecedent forms as Department of Librarianship, School of Librarianship, School of Library and Information Studies, School of Information Management and Systems.
- South Hall: History and Myth by Prof. Yale Braunstein, 2003.
- Coulter Lectures. Lectures on the book in the west in honor of Professor Edith M. Coulter.

- Liberal arts and the development of schools of LIS.   Summary,   full text.

- Obituaries of former faculty published in the Academic Senate's In Memoriam can be found online: Mosher, Fredric J., 1914-1999; Swank, Raynard Coe, 1912-1995; Fiske, Marjorie E., 1914-1992; Wight, Edward Allen, 1899-1986; Markley, Anne Ethelyn, 1903-1979; Coney, Donald, 1901-1973; Coulter, Edith Margaret, 1880-1963; Sisler, Della Jarrett, 1876-1958; Peiss, Reuben, 1912-1952; Mitchell, Sydney Bancroft, 1878-1951.
- Obituary of J. Periam Danton, former Dean.
- Robert Gitler and the founding of the Japan Library School, at Keio University, Tokyo, 1951.
- Obituary of Fredric J. Mosher, 1914-1999, Berkeley expert on the history of the book.
- Lawrence Clark Powell: LA Times, 3/20/01; Arizona Star Daily, 3/20/01.
*** New *** - Virginia Pratt (1923-2006), Library School Librarian, remembered: CU News 1/11/07.
- Memorial in honor of Raynard C. Swank, former Dean.
- Memorial in honor of Patrick Wilson, former Dean.

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