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Michael Buckland, Professor.

Historical Studies in Information Science

Edited by Trudi Bellardo Hahn and Michael Buckland.

326 pages, Softbound, ISBN:1-57387-062-5. Available by on-line order from ASIS (301) 495-0900) or from Information Today Inc. (1-800-300-9868).

This volume reprints the papers the special history issues of Information Processing and Management, (1996), and the Journal of the American Society for Information Science (April & Sept. 1997), as well W. B. Rayward's "Visions of Xanadu: Paul Otlet (1868 - 1944) and hypertext." Some authors have added new postscripts (*). New material on the literature on the history of Information Science and pioneers has been added (#).

Historiography of Information Science

- Pages 7-21: W. Boyd Rayward, "The history and historiography of Information Science: Some reflections."

Paul Otlet and His Successors

- 22-33: W. Boyd Rayward. "The origins of information science and the International Institute of Bibliography / International Federation for Information and Documentation (FID)."
- 34-42: Isabel Rieusset-Lemarié. "P. Otlet's Mundaneum and the international perspective in the history of documentation and information science."
- 43-50: Ron Day. "Paul Otlet's Book and the writing of social space".

Techniques, Tools, and Systems

- 51-64*: Bella Hass Weinberg. "The earliest Hebrew citation indexes."
- 65-80: W. Boyd Rayward. "Visions of Xanadu: Paul Otlet (1968 - 1944) and Hypertext."
- 81-93: Geoffrey C. Bowker. "The history of information infrastructures: The case of the International Classification of Diseases."
- 94-106: I. C. McIlwaine. "The Universal Decimal Classification: Some factors concerning its origins, development and influence."
- 107-115: Frederick G. Kilgour. "Origins of coordinate searching."
- 116-131: Trudi Bellardo Hahn. "Pioneers of the online age."
- 132-146*: Colin Burke. "The rough road to the Information highway. Project INTREX: A view from the CLR archives."
- 147-158*: David W. Wiesberger. "Chemical Abstracts Service Chemical Registry System: History, scope and impacts."

People and Organizations

- 159-172: M. Buckland. Documentation, Information Science, and Library Science in the U.S.A." Abstract.
- 173-180*: R. V. Williams. "The Special Libraries and Documentation Movements in the United States, 1910-1960."
- 181-192: Sylvie Fayet-Scribe. "The cross-fertilization of the US Public-Library Model and the French Documentation Model through the French professional associations between World War I and World War II."
- 193-204: Pamela Spence Richards. "Scientific information for Stalin's laboratories, 1945-1953." - 205-214: Anthony Debons & Esther Horne. "NATO Advanced Study Institutes of Information Science and foundations of Information Science."

Theoretical Topics

- 215-220: Michael Buckland. "What is a `Document'?"
- 221-244*: Stefano Mizzaro. "Relevance: The whole history."
- 245-254: Vesna Oluic-Vukovic. "Bradford's Distribution: From the classical bibliometric `law' to the more general stochastic models."


- 255-262: Thomas Walker. "The Journal of Documentary Reproduction, 1938 - 1942: Domain as reflected in characteristics of authorship and citation."
- 263-268*: Félix Sagredo Fernández and Antonia García Moreno."History of information science in Spain: A selected bibliography."
- 269-271#: Robert V. Williams. "The pioneers of Information Science in North America: A brie f overview."
- 272-295#: Michael Buckland & Ziming Liu. "History of Information Science." Updated version of literature review published in the Annual Review of Information Science and Technology, 1995. Preprint.
- 296-312#: Robert V. Williams, Laird Whitmire & Colleen Bradley. "Bibliography of the history of information science in North America. 1900 - 1995." Updated.
- 315-326: Index, compiled by T. B. Hahn.
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