School of Information Management & Systems
 Previously School of Library & Information Studies

  Michael Buckland,  Professor.

 IPM History of Information Science

Information Processing and Management vol. 32, no. 1 (1996). Special issue on the History of Information Science.
Reprinted in: Historical Studies in Information Science, ed. by T. B. Hahn & M. Buckland. Contents.

Table of contents W. Boyd Rayward. 1. Introduction.
W. Boyd Rayward. 3. The history and historiography of Information Science: Some reflections.
Colin Burke. 19. The rough road to the Information highway. Project INTREX: A view from the CLR archives.
Trudi Bellardo Hahn. 33. Pioneers of the online age.
Geoffrey C. Bowker. 49. The history of information infrastructures: The case of the International Classification of Diseases.
Michael Buckland. 63. Documentation, Information Science, and Library Science in the U.S.A. Summary. Text.
Pamela Spence Richards. 77. Scientific information for Stalin's laboratories, 1945-1953.
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