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  Michael Buckland, Professor.

 History of Information Management

Translations of this page:
*New* 信息管理史, Chinese translation by Matthew Ma of Ecigator, Nov 2022.
Storia della gestione delle informazioni. Italian translation by Samuel Badree, CouponToaster, Sep 2021.
انفارمیشن مینجمنٹ کی تاریخ . Sindhi translation by Ahsan Soomro, 2020.

- Draft Guide to Information Science History Resources, 2022.

Selected General Websites
- Thomas Hapke History of Scientific Information and Communication.
- ASIST SIG History and Foundations of Information Science website.
- ALA Library History Round Table.
- South Hall: The School of Information and its antecedents.
Selected reviews
- Fidelia Ibekwe, European origins of library and information science. Emerald Publishing, 2019. Covers France, former Yugoslavia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain and Portugal.
- Colin B. Burke, America's Information Wars: The Untold Story of Information Systems in America’s Conflicts and Politics from World War II to the Internet Age. Rowan & Littlefield, 2018.
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- History of Information Science. Literature review through 1994.
- Marcia J. Bates. A tour of Information Science through the pages of JASIS. Journal of the American Society for Information Science, vol. 50, no. 11, 1999, pp. 975-993. (pdf).
Natale Battezzati;   Lodewyk Bendikson;   Suzanne Briet;   Vannevar Bush;   J. Periam Danton;   Herbert Haviland Field;   Robert Gitler;   Emanuel Goldberg;   Robert M. Hayes   Philip Keeney;   Frederick Kilgour award;   Melvin E. ("Bill") Maron;   Fredric J. Mosher;   Frederick Kilgour;   Wilhelm Ostwald;   Paul Otlet;   Robert Pagès;   Martin Schrettinger;   Raynard C. Swank;   Robert V. Williams;   Patrick Wilson (Review, oral history, obituary).
  ASIS&T Pioneers of Information Science.
  Intended future site for the ASIS&T Oral History project originated by Bob Williams at the University of South Carolina.
- European Modernism and the Information Society: informing the present, understanding the past [Proceedings of May 2005 conference], ed. W. Boyd Rayward. Aldershot, UK: Ashgate, 2007.
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- Conference on the History and Heritage of Scientific and Technical Information Systems, Philadelphia, November 15-17, 2002. Proceedings available through the Othmer Library. Report in German.
- Conference on History and Heritage of Science Information Systems, Pittsburgh, Oct. 23-25, 1998, sponsored by the Chemical Heritage Foundation and ASIS. Proceedings available through the Othmer Library. Reports on the conference in English and in German. Proceedings available in print from Information Today, Inc..
- West Coast History Workshop on ... Information Systems, Berkeley, Nov 2001. Program.
- History papers at past Annual Meetings of the American Society of Information Science.
Ribeiro R. & G. Fernanda (2020) The Brazilian Neodocumentalist Movement. Proc. DOCAM.
- Ideology and libraries: California, Diplomacy and Occupied Japan, 1945-1952 by M. Buckland with Masaya Takayama (Rowman & Littlefield, 2020) available from For 30% discount try code RLFANDF30. Japanese edition 2021 Ideorogie to toshokan. Jusonbo, 2021. ISBN978-4-88367-354-4.
- Patrick Wilson, by Howard White. ISKO Encyclopedia of KO.
- Ray Larson's academic life. Announcement. Video.
- Book review of Lisa Gitelman. 2014. Paper knowledge: Toward a media history of documents. (JASIST 65, n 5 (2015): 1088-89).
- Paul Ötlet, Pioneer of Information Management. Translation into Hungarian of Paul Otlet, Pioneer of Information Management by Elana Pavlet, 2016.
- Павле Отлет, Пионер на управување со информации. Translation into Macedonian of Paul Otlet, Pioneer of Information Management by Katerina Nestiv, 2016.
- Поль Отле, Піонер Інформаційного МенеджментуTranslation into Ukrainian of Paul Otlet, Pioneer of Information Management by Anna Matesh, 2016.
- Colin B. Burke. Information and intrigue: From index cards to Dewey Decimals to Alger Hiss.. MIT Press, 2014. Mainly a biography of Herbert Haviland Field and his family and the rise and decline of the little-known Concilium Bibliographicum in Zurich, one of the largest bibliographical systems of early 20th century.
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- Documentation science in Russia:
- - Плешкевич, Евгений [E. A. Pleshkevich]. Documentation science in thecontext of the post-non-classical development of modern science. Scientific and Technical Information Processing 38, no 3 (2011):143-147.
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- What has Information Science contributed to the world. Discussion.
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- From Otlet to the Internet via Hypertext. Chronology in French.
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- Documentation, Information Science and Library Science in the USA: A Re-interpretation. Summary;   text.
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- Ronald Day. The Modern Invention of Information: Discourse, History, and Power. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 2001. ISBN 0-8093-2390-7.   An article-length version can be found in: Ronald E. Day. "Totality and Representation. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology vol 52, no 9 (June 2001):725-735. [Offprint].
- Ronald Rousseau: Time-line for bibliometrics.
- History of hypertext.
- History of Information Management: France.
- Landscape: "Document" and "computational" traditions in Information Science.
- Historical Studies in Information Science, by T. B. Hahn & M. Buckland. Contents.
- International Federation for Information & Documentation, 1895-1995: Achievements and Publications.
- Translation of Briet's What is Documentation?.
- Robert Gitler and the founding of the Japan Library School, at Keio University, Tokyo, 1951.
- Information Processing & Management History of Information Science issue.
- History of tools of access to knowledge: Articles & chronology. Solaris No. 4, 1997. (In French).
- History of Information Management: Germany.
- Liberal arts and the development of schools of LIS.   Summary,   full text.
- On the cultural and intellectual context of European documentation in the early twentieth century. 2007. pdf.
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