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Emanuel Goldberg and His Knowledge Machine - Corrections.

Corrections relating to the biography: Emanuel Goldberg and his Knowledge Machine: Information, Invention, and Political Forces, by Michael Buckland. (Libraries Unlimited, 2006). See

Corrections by page number.
- xiii, first line: Phi Beta Mu should be Beta Phi Mu.
- 5: Emanuel Goldberg was born on 19 August in the "Old Style" (Julian) calendar in 1881. In 1881 and through 1899 this was August 31 in the Gregorian calendar now in use and September 1 only from 1900 onwards.
- 37: "...Arts and Crafts movement led by William Morris..." was intended, not William Blake.
- 47, middle: Date should be MCMIX (1909) not MCMX,
- 59, 13th line from bottom: "with the clear end to the left and the dark end to the right"
- 101, line 14: "...matched with a contrasty, 'hard' paper" not negative.
- 113, line 6 & p. 259, l. 13: Ulfilas not Ulsilas.
- 197, line 5: "... the difference in voltage to indicate differences in temperature"
- 201, lines 2-3: Should be: "Her father was Sir David Lionel Salomons (later Goldsmid-Stern-Salomons) . . . and her great-uncle Sir David Salomons was the first Jewish Lord Mayor of London."
- 240, 8 lines from bottom: "...continues its tradition of successful innovation"
- 246, middle: "Zuehlensdorff" should be "Zuehlsdorff".
- 304, note for p 161: "George Lowy, 1 November 1997" not 1977.
- 319, note for p 228: Tyler not yler.
- 321, note for p 244 Saxony: The diary quotation from Goebbels (1987-2001) Teil II, Band 8 [not 7], page 52, for April 4, 1943, should read: "Ich möchte nichts als Privatmann im sächsischen Bereich tätig sein. Man ist hier seiner Freiheit und seines Lebens nicht sicher. Irgendwann muss der Führer ja auch hier einmal helfend eingreifen."
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