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Emanuel Goldberg and His Knowledge Machine - Additions.

Additional notes relating to the biography: Emanuel Goldberg and his Knowledge Machine: Information, Invention, and Political Forces, by Michael Buckland. (Libraries Unlimited, 2006). See

Additions by page number.
- General background: M. Buckland. On the cultural and intellectual context of European Documentation in the early twentieth century. Chapter 2, pp 44-57, in: European Modernism and the Information Society, ed. W. Boyd Rayward. Aldershot, UK: Ashgate, 2007. pdf.
- 85-95: See also: M. Buckland, The Kinamo camera, Emanuel Goldberg, and Joris Ivens. Film History 20, no, 1 (2008): 49-58. Preprint.
- 98: Again a professor: A valuable account of Goldberg's (and Zeiss Ikon's) role in Dresden Technical University's Institute for Scientific Photography is in: Klaus Mauersberger, Von der Photographie zur Photophysik: 100 Jahre Jahre Wissenschaftlich-Photographisches Institut 1908-2008 (Dresden TU, IAPP; ISBN 978-386780-086-0).
- 98: The movie, entitled Ein Sprung... Ein Traum. Eine Kinamogeschichte aus dem Studentenleben was filmed in Vickartal, today Viggartal, 10 km south of Innsbruck. This film was believed lost but in 2008 Ralf Forster found a copy in the Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv, which is to be restored and digitized. It will be included in a program of Goldberg and Kinamo films Der Kinamo: Emanuel Goldbergs entfesselte Kamera (1921-1932), at the Kino Arsenal, Berlin, provisionally scheduled for March 9, 2009. Details.
- 108: April 1928: "Aman-Ulla" is Amanullah Khan (1892 - 1960), ruler of Afghanistan from 1919 to 1929, who visited Europe in 1927.
- 133-138, 238-240: For Siegmund Loewe, the Loewe company, and Fernseh AG, see also the thorough new biography by Kilian J. L. Steiner: Ortempfanger, Volksfernseher und Optaphon: Die Entwicklung der deutschen Radio- und Fernsehindustrie und das Unternehmen Loewe, 1923-1962. Essen: Klartext, 2005. ISBN 3-89861-492-1.
- 165-178: Ludwig Lewisohn, Breathe Upon These (Bobbs-Merrill, 1944), a novel, has a fictionalized account of the Nazi treatment of Goldberg, pp 85-89: "... Goldberger, the greatest man in our speciality in the whole world."
- 195, Fig 17.1: The equipment is a Schaublin milling machine and the unidentified man, standing, with glasses is Bernd Lotz.
- 88: How to film clouds: For the same or similar article see note to page 335 below.
- 292, Bezee note: For an article of the same year with the same title see note for page 335 below.
- 335, 1926 publications: "The measurement..." Bildwerfer citation is "Wärme und Licht in der Projektionstechnikk." [The measurement of temperature in projector gates.] Bildwerfer: Fachzeitschrift für gesamte Projektions und Kinotechnik 2 (Jan 1926): 31-34.
- 335, 1926 publications: Add: [Abrupt stopping of movie projectors.] Bildwerfer: Fachzeitschrift fürgesamte Projektions und Kinotechnik 3 (April 1926): 51. [Not seen]. Summary by L. Lobel in Science et Industries Photographiques 6A (June 1, 1926): 61.
- 335, 1926 publications: Add article "Kinematographische Wolkenaufnahmen." Photo-Technik 7. Jg, Nr 7 (Juli 1926):145-148. Probably the same text as article with the same title in Bezee-Photo-Mitteilungen. II. J. (1926):145-148.

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