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  Michael Buckland, Professor.

 History of Information Management:
 Belgium & France

*** New *** - Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan. La science de l'information origines, théories et paradigmes. Paris: Lavoisier Hermes Science, 2012. Part 1: 'Les origines de la science de l'information.'

The principal treatment is: Sylvie Fayet-Scribe. Histoire de la documentation en France: Culture, science et technologie de l'information 1895-1937. Paris: CNRS Editions, 2000. ISBN 2-271-05790-6.
- Bruno Delmas. Une fonction nouvelle: Genese et developpement des Centres de Documentation. In: Poulaine, Martine, ed. Histoire des bibliotheques Francaises: Volume 4: Les bibliotheques au XXe siecle, 1914-1990.  [Paris]: Promodis-Editions du cercle de la Librairie, 1992. ISBN 2-7654-0510-7.
- Viviane Couzinet. Médiations hybrides: Le documentaliste et le chercheur en sciences de l'information. Paris: ADBS Editions, 2000. ISBN 2-84365-043-3.
- Paul Otlet, 1868-1944: Co-founder of FID, pioneer of hypertext, workstations, etc.   Portrait.
See also papers by W. Boyd Rayward, Isabel Rieusset-Lemarié and Ron Day reprinted in Historical Studies in Information Science
- Sylvie Fayet-Scribe. The Cross Fertilization of the U.S Public Library and the French Documentation Model (IIB, French Correspondant of FID) Through the French Associations between World War I and World War II. Journal of the American Society for Information Science   48 (Sept 1997):782-793.
Reprinted in Historical Studies in Information Science, pp 181-192.
- Suzanne Briet, 1894-1989: Librarian, theorist, historian. Paper about Briet; Biographical note.
Translation of Briet's What is Documentation?.

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