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 FID 1895-2002: Publications and Sources.

FID publications:
Over 600 publications mostly in a numbered series: IIB / IID / FID Publications.
FID Publications: An 80 Year Bibliography, 1985-1975. (FID 531). The Hague: FID, 1975.
Former periodicals: IIB Bulletin (1895-1914), Documentatio Universalis (1931-33), IID Communicationes (1934-38), FID Communicationes (1939-46), Revue [Internationale] de Documentation (1947-1965), Informations FID (1951-60).
FID Occasional Papers series, 1989+
Current periodicals:
FID News Bulletin, 1960+
International Forum on Information and Documentation, 1975+
Newsletter on Education and Training programmes for Information Personnel, 1979+
FID Directory, biennial.
FID News Bulletin, monthly.

Early contributions:
Otlet, Paul. Traite de documentation. Brussels: Editiones Mundaneum, 1934. Repr. Liège: Centre de Lecture Publique de la Communauté Francaise, 1989.
Otlet, Paul. International Organization and Dissemination of Knowledge: Selected Essays. (FID 684). Amsterdam: Elsevier, 1990. Annotated translation of some of Otlet's best writings.

About IIB / IID / FID:
Donker Duyvis, Frits. International Federation for Documentation. Journal of Documentary Reproduction 3 (Sept 1940): pp. 176-190.
Arntz, Helmut. International Federation for Documentation (FID). Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science vol. 12. New York: Marcel Dekker, 1974. pp. 377-402.
World Encyclopedia of Library and Information Services. 3rd. ed. Chicago: ALA, 1993. pp. 376-78. (Also, for Paul Otlet, see pp. 642-44.)
Cent ans de l'Office International de Bibliographie : 1895 - 1995; les premisses du Mundaneum. (Mons: Editions Mundaneum, Rue des Passages 15, B-7000. ISBN 2-930071-05-2. [Review in German by K. Schreiber with additional references.]
Documentary by B. Rayward (speaking English) and F. Fueg (speaking French): Alle kennis van de wereld. (Noorderlicht, no. 9). Available from VPRO, P.O Box 10, 1200 JB Hilversum, The Netherlands.
The International Federation for Information and Documentation (FID) by W. Boyd Rayward, In: Encyclopedia of Library History, edited By Wayne A. Wiegand and Don G. Davis, Jr. (New York: Garland Press,1994), pp. 290-294.
International Federation for Information and Documentation.Wikipedia

Rayward, W. Boyd. The Universe of Information: The Work of Paul Otlet for Documentation and International Organization. (FID 520). Moscow: VINITI, 1975.
Abs, Robert. Fontaine (Henri-Marie la) [1854-1943]. Biographie nationale. t. 38, suppl. 10. Bruxelles: Académie Royale des Sciences et des Lettres des Beaux Arts de Belgique, 1973-4. Cols. 215-221.
F. Donker Duyvis. His Life and Work. The Hague: Netherlands Institute for Documentation and Filing, 1964.

The Universal Decimal Classification:
Universal Decimal Classification. International Medium Edition. English Text. London: British Standards Institute, 1985. Several editions in other languages have been produced.
Rayward, W. Boyd. The UDC and FID: A historical perspective. Library Quarterly 37 (1967): 259-78.
Foskett, A.C. The Universal Decimal Classification: The history, present status, and future prospects of a large general classification scheme. London: Bingley, 1973.
Robinson, G. UDC in brief. BSI/DISC, 1994.
Extensions and Corrections to the UDC 1994. The Hague: UDC Consortium 1994.
McIlwaine, Ia C. Guide to the use of UDC. (FID 703). The Hague: 1995 revised edition.
The UDC: Essays for a new decade, ed. by A. Gilchrist & D. Strachan. London: Aslib, 1990.

Other Contributions to technique and technology:
Buckland. Michael. Information retrieval of more than text. Journal of the American Society for Information Science 42 (1991): 586-588. Discusses Otlet, multimedia, and the wide scope of documentation.
Rayward, W. Boyd. Visions of Xanadu: Paul Otlet (1868-1944) and hypertext. Journal of the American Society for Information Science 45 (1994): 235-250. The "monographic principle" of IIB as an anticipation of hypertext.

The broader context and related developments:
Bradford, Samuel C. Documentation. London: Crosby Lockwood, 1948; rev.ed. 1953. A standard introduction to Documentation, incomplete and now outdated.
Briet, Suzanne. Qu'est-ce que la documentation? Paris: EDIT, 1951. A manifesto with significant theoretical insights.
Farkas-Conn, Irene S. From Documentation to Information Science: The Beginnings and Early Development of the American Documentation Institute American Society for Information Science. New York: Greenwood, 1990. For the U.S.A.
Delmas, Bruno. Une fonction nouvelle: Genèse et developpement des centres de documentation. In: Histoire des bibliothèques francaises. [v.4] Les bibliothèques au XXe siècle, 1914-1990. Paris: Promodis - Editions du Cercle de la Librarie, 1992, pp. 178-93. About documentation in France but of a wider interest.
Celebrating FID's Centennial - The Tokyo Resolution - FID News Bulletin 44 (1994):10, pp. 115 - 117.
Goedebuure, Ben G. FID approaching its 100th Anniversary. FID News Bulletin 44 (1994):10, pp. 217-220.
Goedebuure, Ben G. FID Task Force on Global Information Infrastructures and Superhighways (GIIS). FID News Bulletin 44 (1994):10, pp. 221-223.
Launo, Ritva and Ben G. Goedebuure/ FID: preparing for the challenges of the New Millennium. FID News Bulletin 45 (1995):1, pp. 3-4.

FID: International Federation for Information and Documentation; P.O. Box 90402 * 2509 LK The Hague, Netherlands. Tel +31 70 3140671   Fax 31 70 3140667
The Mundaneum, the archives and museum of Otlet & La Fontaine, Rue des Passages 15, Mons, B-7000, Belgium.

Based on leaflet issued by the FID Education and Training Committee, 1995.

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