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  Michael Buckland,   Emeritus Professor.

 Cultural Heritages, Information, and Society
Kulturno nasljeđe, informacije i društvo. Croation translation by Milica Novak, May 2019.
Kultuuripärand, teave ja ühiskond. Estonian translation by Martin Aus, August 2019.
Patrimoine culturel, information et société. French translation by Laura Beoschat, Jan 2019.
सांस्कृतिक विरासत, सूचना, और समाज . Hindi translation by Sagar, June 2018.
Kultūras Mantojumu, Informācija un Sabiedrība. Latvian translation by Lucja Adamska, 2017.
*New*   Kulturelle arv, informasjon og samfunn, Norwegian translation by Lars Olden, July 2020.
Kültürel Miraslar, Bilgi ve Toplum. Turkish translation by Zoltan Solak, June 2018.

There are large political and economic vested interests in how individuals and groups perceive themselves and how they perceive, and are perceived by, others.  At stake are issues of identity, self-esteem, political loyalty, and the politics of patriotism and of ethnic identity.  Whose history is to be preserved and presented?   Whose account is to be presented?   How neutral can libraries, museums, textbooks, and the interpretations of historic sites be? The nature and political sensitivity of cultural heritages and ethnic identity force attention to basic issues concerning the nature and impact of information and its presentation beyond those usually studied in relation to information managment and information systems.
- Ideology and libraries: California, Diplomacy and Occupied Japan, 1945-1952 by M. Buckland with Masaya Takayama (Rowman & Littlefield, 2020) available from For 30% discount try code RLFANDF30.
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 -  Austronesian Cultures in Taiwan: Studies Supported by the Berkeley Shung Ye Fund.
 -  SIMS 142:   Access to American cultural heritages. AC..   This undergraduate course examines how information concerning cultural heritage is created, disseminated, managed, and used, especially in the U.S.A.
 -  Cultural Heritage Resources for K-12: A Sample Lesson Plan, prepared by Linda Cathryn Everstz, October 7, 1998.
 -  Access to American Cultural Heritages: A Study Guide to Issues of Representation, Delivery and Control. [ html] and [ pdf]. Created by Janice Woo in collaboration with Professor Michael Buckland for SIMS 142 Access to American Cultural Heritages. Funded by a Berkeley campus Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Instructional Minigrant.
 -  Sheet Music: A Window on 19th-Century California, a project by Professor Mary Kay Duggan. Funded, 1996-97, by a grant to the School of Information Management and Systems from the California State Library under the Federal Library Services and Construction Act, California State Library.
 -  Infosys 290:2. Special topics: Information in societies - Fall 1996. A course exploring the creation, dissemination, management, and use of information in society for economic, political, and social purposes.
 -  Boccaccio in English, annotated bibliography by F. S. Stych.
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