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Suzanne Briet, 1894-1989: "Madame Documentation"

*New* 苏珊·布里特 (Suzanne Briet,1894-1989) 文献夫人, Chinese translation by Matthew Ma at Ecigator, Nov 2022.
Suzanne Briet, 1894-1989: “Dokumentace Madame", Czech translation by HUM2D, Feb 2021.
Suzanne Briet, 1894-1989: “Madame Documentation”, Dutch translation by Justin Watson, Jan 2020.
*New* 수잔 브리에트(Suzanne Briet), 1894-1989: "마담 다큐멘테이션", Korean translation by PlayerAuctions, Dec 2022.
Suzanne Briet, 1894-1989: “Madame Documentation”, Spanish translation.
"سوزین بریٹ ، ۱۸۹۴ تا ۱۹۸۹ " مادام ڈاکومنٹیشن , Urdu translation by, Jan 2019.
Сюзанна Бріт , 1894-1989: “Мадам Документація”, Ukrainian translation by Mary Davidson, April 2019.
Suzanne Briet, 1894-1989: “Madam hujjatlari”, Uzbek translation by Sherali Niyazova, August 2019.

    Renée-Marie-Helene-Suzanne Briet, born in Paris on February 1, 1894, was a librarian, an historian, and a significant pioneer of Documentation. She was also known S. Dupuy and S. Dupuy-Briet.
    Briet was a secondary school teacher of English and History in Annaba, Algeria, 1917 to 1920, then became a librarian. She was one of the first three women appointed as professional librarians in the Bibliothèque Nationale where she established, and supervised, 1934 - 1954, the Salle des Catalogues et Bibliographies. She made available bibliographies which had previously been kept in closed stacks, organized supplementary indexing, and developed a bibliographic advisory service.
    From the late 1920s onwards Briet was active nationally and internationally in the development of Documentation. She participated in the founding, in 1931, and in the subsequent leadership of the Union Française des Organismes de Documentation (UFOD). In 1951 she became the founding Director of Studies of the Institut National de Techniques de la Documentation and, later, Vice President of Federation Internationale de Documentation (FID).
    In 1951 Briet published a remarkable modernist manifesto on the nature of Documentation: Qu'est-ce que la documentation? (French original as original is at and a facsimile of the original edition is available at See and the 2006 book edition noted above for an English translation, and commentary. Briet argued that the scope of Documentation extended beyond text to evidence and she defined "document" as any material form of evidence. These ideas were significantly anticipated by Robert Pagès in 1948.
    Briet visited the USA in 1951-52, examining bibliographic services, reference service, and professional education.
    Briet was a feminist, established a women's club, and was President of the Union des femmes européennes.
In 1954, at age 60, Briet took early retirement and wrote about the Ardennes region, including Arthur Rimbaud, Rimbaud's mother, and Jean, Comte de Montdejeux. Her memoires appeared in 1976. She died in Paris in 1989, aged 95.
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