School of Information Management & Systems
 Previously School of Library & Information Studies

  Michael Buckland, Professor.

 History of Information Management:

See also the Biographical list at History of Information Management page.

- The Pioneers of Information Science in North America Project.
- Suzanne Briet, 1894-1989: Librarian, theorist, historian. Paper about Briet; Biographical note.
Translation of Briet's What is Documentation?.
- Vannevar Bush: Antecedents and historical context of Vannevar Bush's Memex.
- J. Periam Danton, 1908-2002, Dean.
- Herbert Haviland Field, 1968-1918, founder of the Concilium Bibliographicum.
- Robert Gitler and the founding of the Japan Library School, at Keio University, Tokyo, 1951.
- Emanuel Goldberg, 1881-1970: Electronics for document retrieval in 1931.   Portrait   Lebensbild.
- Obituary of Fredric J. Mosher, 1914-1999, Berkeley expert on the history of the book.
- Wilhelm Ostwald, 1853-1932, and The Bridge (Munich, 1911-1913): World brain, hypertext, A4.
- Paul Otlet, 1868-1944: Co-founder of FID, pioneer of hypertext, workstations, etc.   Portrait.
See also papers by W. Boyd Rayward, Isabel Rieusset-Lemarié, and Ron Day reprinted in Historical Studies in Information Science
- Virginia Pratt (1923-2006), Library School Librarian, remembered: CU News of Jan 11, 2007.
- Memorial in honor of Raynard C. Swank, former Dean.

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