School of Information
 Previously School of Library & Information Studies

 Michael Buckland   Professor Emeritus
 South Hall 6, Berkeley, CA  94720-4600.
 (510) 642 3159.   Fax: (510) 642 5814.
Office hours: By appointment.

Courses   -   Friday Afternoon Seminar.
Search, Selection & Metadata  -   Metadata Research Program
 -   Knowledge Unix: Sharing and Enrichment of (Digital) Data..
 -   Editorial Practices and the Web.   Editors' Notes website
 -   Context and Relationships: Ireland and Irish Studies.
 -   Bringing Lives to Light: Biography in Context.
 -   Support for the Learner: What, Where, When and Who.
 -   Geographical Search: Catalogs & Gazetteers
Cultural Heritages, Information, and Society
 -   Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative
History of Information Management - Emanuel Goldberg.
Design of Library Services
Concepts of Information Management
Education for Information Management
Bibliography.   University of California Open Access repository.