Tiled Feeds: delivering open and mashable location-based services


Users now interact with multiple location-based services (LBS) through a myriad set of location-aware devices and interfaces -- ranging from laptop browsers to mobile devices and GPS units. However, current LBS tend to be centralized silos with ad-hoc APIs, which requires one-to-one integrations by LBS-consuming applications, and limits potential for information sharing and reuse.

Tiled Feeds is a location-based service platform that allows for delivery of LBS service in a standardized and Web-friendly way. It provides open and uniform access to multiple LBS, and offers service management and data portability across any Web-capable device. Based on standard Web technologies such as Atom and AtomPub, Tiled Feeds allow for publication, consumption, query, and arbitrary mashups of location-based services and geospatial datasets.

We demonstrate the flexibility of our system using a reference implementation server and two clients. The server publishes a few tiled feeds based on existing public geospatial data sources. The clients offer access to tiled feed data sources: a Web-based client that provides a full-featured, read-write interface to the platform, and a mobile client that provides read-only access to stored LBS subscriptions and views. This platform enables applications to consume and mashup location-based services without costly ad-hoc integrations.

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