Visualizing the Invisible

Censored Materials in China's Digital Space


Project Goal

China is home to some of the most highly valued Internet companies but has the most complex censorship program curbing individual expression. As China continues to grow, the generation of advanced internet users will increasingly desire for global information. Our objective is to unveil some of these contradictions and guide the user in understanding some of the censored materials behind China's Great Firewall.



A team of researchers at UC Berkeley and China Digital Times have dedicated their efforts in analyzing the Chinese government's motivations, collecting keywords and articles that are proven to be censored in China.

Censored Keywords

Identified keywords are censored on Weibo and are logged and tested over time. Researchers find pairings and combinations of the keywords to help build a more nuanced understanding of the sensitive topics of interest.

Censored Articles

The China Digital Times captures removed content on their server. Our team reviewed the top articles by visitors since April 2012 and have identified content of interest to serve to our readers in this visualization.

Categories & Term-Document Frequency

Our team organized the articles into 4 categories and utilized a term-document frequency algorithm (tf-idf) to highlight the censored keywords that are of greatest importance to this identified corpus.

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