A Data Enthusiast and an Explorer

I am currently a second year Masters student at the School of Information, UC Berkeley studying Information Management and Systems. My primary focus is on Data Analysis, Visualization and Business Intelligence. Currently, I am the Graduate Student Instructor for an introductory course on Web Architecture at the School of Information. I was also a Graduate Student Researcher at D-Lab, a first of its kind data laboratory, in UC Berkeley.
Before coming to Berkeley, I worked at Australia New Zealand Bank, Melbourne, Australia as a Technology Analyst in the bank's technology division. My undergraduate degree is in Computer Science and Engineering. I love working with data in various forms. From mining data to analyzing it using statistical or machine learning techniques, visualizing it to display important statistics or bringing out interesting stories and patterns. During this exploration of data I have tried my hands at several technologies and have enjoyed learning them. You can see a summary of my projects here. Contact me if any of my works interest you.