Exploring the MOMA collection

130,546 Artworks

15,116 Artists

121 Countries

Over the Years

This graph explores when and how the MoMA acquired its collection.
Directions: Click on a category in the sidebar to filter and see how the MoMA collection acquired its collection.


Which artists have collaborated with artists of different nationalities? Hover over a country to see how many international collaborations have taken place.


This map shows the contribution of artwork from countries in different regions.


For each department that makes up the MoMA collection, there are several mediums that have been used to create the artwork.
Directions: Click on an arc to zoom in and see how many pieces of artwork make up that category. To zoom out, click on the center of the circle.


Explore each region to see which art movements were the most prominent per region.

Ways to navigate it:
You can select a region and it will highlight the movements and how prominent are for the MoMA collection.
Or you can select a movement and see where the artist that created thet artwork comes from.

The Collection by Color

Exploring art is a wholly visceral experience. In this visualization, we provide you a way to explore the art by color.
Directions: Click on a color to view artworks with that color.

24 base colors from the Crayola crayon set were chosen and the prominent colors from the artworks were clustered around these base colors.