Sebastian Benthall, PhD

Research Fellow,
Cornell Tech

PhD, School of Information
University of California at Berkeley

I'm a researcher with a multidisciplinary background in computer, data, and social sciences, business, and philosophy. My current research foci are privacy engineering and software assurance.

Current Research Roles

Digital Life Initiative

I'm a Research Fellow at Cornell Tech's Digital Life Initiative, where I research applications of contextual integrity in computer science and information economics.

Ion Channel

I'm also a data scientist at Ion Channel, a software supply chain intelligence startup. Check out this presentation of some of our cybersecurity work:


Security and Privacy

Empirical Social Science

Philosophy of Science and Technology



My research involves writing a lot of software.


In Fall 2013 I co-instructed a course on Open Collaboration and Peer Production with Thomas Maillart. It was aimed primarily at Masters students at the School of Information, fulfilling a Management requirement. My instruction was based mostly on my professional experience working in and managing open source software communities.

In Fall 2015 I co-organized a seminar on Superintelligence and the Social Sciences with Mahendra Prasad.


2018 - Completed PhD in Information Management and Systems.

2016 - Began postdoctoral work (though ABD) at NYU/Cornell Tech in privacy by design under Prof. Helen Nissenbaum.

2016 - Joined Ion Channel as data scientist.

2011 - Began PhD Program at UC Berkeley's School of Information.

2007 - 2011 : Worked in programming, management, and marketing in geospatial civic tech company, OpenGeo.

2007 - B.A., Brown University, Cognitive Science.

On the Web

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e-mail: spb413 at nyu dot edu