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Mimi Ito has updated her “Media Mixes” paper for inclusion in an upcoming book entitled Structures of Participation in Digital Culture (which doesn’t have much web presence yet, but sounds right on). Anyway, it’s well worth checking out if you want to understand what the pervasive media ecology of the future (and for kids, the present) looks like. (Here’s hoping Dr. L. Ron Reacharoundasaurus will drop some science on us in the comments regarding whether she has her facts straight on the card gaming culture.)

I think she’s a little too easy on the corporations currently engineering the media mix; it’s pretty clear they could care less about empowering people and are all about the cold, hard cash. And let’s face it, they’re doing their best to keep this kind of thing illegal and marginal. But part of what we need to do is convince the media corporations that by loosening their grip and allowing peer-to-peer cultural production to move from the margins to the mainstream, they can solve some currently intractable problems. If we fail, we need to burn the whole thing down and start over.

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  1. Dr. L. Ron Reacharoundasaurus IV wrote:

    I can’t believe i just read that 16 page synopsis of Yugio and it didn’t even cover the egyptian god cards. just to get through the god damned day i have to summon slifer the sky dragon twice.

    also the idea of cultural production seems trivial compared to the ultimate control media has over these type ventures. Also wts 3 darkmagicians. hola.

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