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Just downloaded and installed Picasa 2. Good lord is it sweet. It’s been awhile since a piece of software blew me away like this. Probably the last time was when I stopped using GNUStep and found Enlightenment, back in 1999 when I was a novice Linux user. Like the Enlightenment folks, I assume they must be taking advantage of 3D hardware or something to speed up rendering–the interface just flies, it is so responsive. I immediately uninstalled Photoshop Album and its annoying upgrade offers.

Yuki doesn’t like it though, I was showing her some pictures and she made me switch to the Windows XP built-in image viewer. She said the photos as displayed in Picasa “hurt her eyes.” So your mileage may vary. But I’m a sucker for eye candy like the Picasa timeline, which makes a stylized black & white background from one of your images, and the way the photos fly up the screen as you roll through with the slider…

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  1. eli wrote:

    From version 1, the timeline feature was the sort of thing I loved, but no one I showed it to was that psyched about it. I wonder if it has to do with how getting to the timeline view from the user experience of Picasa feels rewarding, thus looks good to us but not to those who only see the timeline (perhaps without ‘earning’ it).

    Did you use version 1? I loved version 1, but in regards to the total workflow for me of shooting, moving photos onto the desktop, choosing the ones I like, shrinking the size for fast upload and share, tagging, organizing, and uploading- I haven’t found the perfect tool. I’d be psyched if the new Picasa fits that role.

  2. ario wrote:

    I’m a huge fan of this new version as well… coupled with Flickr, it’s the ultimate photo combo. Now if only the two were integrated…

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