Ruchita Rathi

Crafts compelling user experiences to create aha effect!


I am a second year Master of Information Management and Systems Candidate at UC Berkeley's School of Information, with a focus on user experience research, UI design, and product management.
Inspired by the visual arts and problem solving through design, I strive to create interfaces that simply work.
Coming from Computer Science background, I am passionate about applying technology for social impact. I have been fortunate to work for nonprofits like US Institute of Peace, contribute to open source development (interned with GNOME foundation), or do pro bono design work (bootstrapped a social startup in India for rural healthcare).
In my spare time, I like to design and develop mobile apps on Android.
Here are some organizations I have worked with:

Simple, usable interfaces



Get in touch!

Thank you for viewing my portfolio. I will graduate in May, 2015 and am currently looking for opportunities for full-time Product Designer/Product Manager roles. Please contact me if you are interested in working with me.