Richmond Y. Wong
PhD Student, School of Information, UC Berkeley

My research investigates how design methods and approaches can be used to proactively raise privacy and other social values-related concerns in technology design, and be used to explore alternative ways to develop technologies in ways that are cognizant of these issues. I draw upon work and approaches from science & technology studies, human computer interaction, and speculative and critical design. See More

Latest News

Nov 2017 - I presented a talk covering 2 recent papers, Interrogating Biosensing Privacy Futures with Design Fiction (video), at the Berkeley I School's PhD Research Reception

Sep 2017 - My paper Eliciting Values Reflections by Engaging Privacy Futures Using Design Workbooks, with Deirdre Mulligan, Ellen Van Wyk, James Pierce, and John Chuang, will be published in November in CSCW 2018 Online First in the Proceedings of the ACM Human Computer Interaction.

Sep 2017 - I will be presenting a poster at Ubicomp discussing work done with Deirdre Mulligan and John Chuang.

Aug 2017 - I will be speaking at 4S in Boston, discussing my paper Exploring Biosensing Privacy Futures with Design Fiction and Science Fiction during the Sensing Subjectivities panel.

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