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Interviewed for the 6pm evening News (.asf, 8 MB)
RFID on the 6 and 10pm news!I wish I would have taken a shower that day...Ahh.. the typical telejournalism walk...Yo... I look like a hobbit

Interviewed for the 10pm primetime News (.wmv, 18 MB)

I wish I would have taken a shower that day...Yo... I look like a hobbit


mReplay Preso in Berkeley

On May 13, 2005, mReplay presented to the corporate CEOs at U.C. Berkeley.

Click here to view the presentation (RealPlayer Streaming Web Video: 26 minutes)



A video for a birthday girl, Anna Smith. 2004. (18MB, right click and download)


Birthday Video: Anna Smith and Patrick Riley, 2004


A video of my 2005 year in Berkeley, CA with Birgitte. ( 70MB, .mpg, right click and download)


2005: Patrick and Birgitte

Mount Shasta, California

The ascend up Mount Shasta is long, arduous and steep. But descending ist kein problem, so long as you wear waterproof trousers. But be careful with your snow axe... especially to camera people in front of you. ;)


Shasta, California

Mossbrae Falls would be an ideal location for advertisements women's shampoo. Remote, breathtaking, and salubrious. My friends Pascal, Birgitte and Kerstin go for swim in the pool.

Shasta, California

Birgitte was a very quick learner in terms of fly fishing skills. Her style is sometimes called "Shadow casting," and she's make damn sure to dry the fly really well before teasing the trout.


Copenhagen, Denmark

This beautiful church in Copenhagen is filled with sculptures and meticulous design in every detail.

Shasta, California

Ranger had a blast at the Shasta cabin. He spent hours developing his hunting skills at tracking down water skeeters in this pond. You'll notice he was not hunting just for fun... he seemed to gain some nutritional value out of it as well.


Natural Bridges, Santa Cruz, California

You can spend hours just watching and listening at this park. It's absolutely amazing. This beach, with its famous natural bridge, is an excellent place to view shore and ocean birds, migrating whales, seals, and otters playing offshore. Further along the beach, tidepools offer a glimpse of life beneath the sea. Low tides reveal sea stars, crabs, sea anemones, and other colorful ocean life. The park also includes areas of coastal scrub meadows, with bright native wildflowers in the spring. Moore Creek flows down to the ocean through these meadows, forming a wetlands in the sand.

Big Sur, California

When Birgitte and I were hiking in Big Sur, we sat in the grass at a beautiful vista for lunch. And before we decided to start on our jaunt again, this hummingbird decided to pay us a visit. It definitely saw us, because it was checking our moments every so often, but it was a very photogenic little hummingbird. It didn't even mind when we both slowly pulled our cameras and captured it in photos and this video.


Davenport, California

These birds have a very interesting life. They find things to eat in the wet sand along the ocean. But here's the funny part... they constantly run back and forth as the waves come in. I have no idea how they find enough food to supply the required energy to do these sprints every 5 seconds, but it is certainly fun to watch. Davenport is a small town located a few miles and 15 minutes north of the City of Santa Cruz in Santa Cruz County.


Carmel, California

We found a secluded beach in Carmel. The winds and waves at this beautiful spot were pretty intense for us, but these guys seemed to be enjoying our visit. These large seals would constantly watch us, but only when we did something interesting to them (if we just watched them, they'd swim away out of boredom). So we kept them entertained and they were fascinated.


Big Sur, California

Following our visit from the hummingbirds, we decided to capture our view with a video panoramic of the park. The Pfeiffer Big Sur park has 1006 acres of redwoods, conifers, oaks, sycamores, cottonwoods, maples, alders and willows - plus open meadows. Wildlife includes black-tail deer, gray squirrels, raccoons, skunks, and birds, such as water ouzels and belted kingfishers. Hikers can enjoy the many scenic trails, including a self-guided nature trail. We had a campsite right along the Big Sur River. Just watch out for poison oak. ;)

Martinez, California

Speaking of photogenic wildlife, my mom's German Short-haired Pointer named Ranger loves to have his picture taken, whereas her other dog hates cameras. The problem is that Ranger also likes to check anything and everything to see if it smells good enough to eat. So you can imagine the problem this creates in terms of digital cameras, which I tend to have to clean every time I visit.



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