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The information revolution has created the need for a new kind of professional: someone who is skilled in locating, organizing, manipulating, filtering and presenting information. The mission of the School of Information Management and Systems is to educate such information managers.

Such a profession is inherently interdisciplinary, requiring aspects of computer science, cognitive science, business, law, library/information studies, and communications. SIMS has created joint appointments and joint programs in these areas to provide students access to high quality professional guidance and expertise. Graduates of SIMS find employment in major corporations, government offices, the media industry, libraries, and academic institutions--anywhere information is created and managed.

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Research Abroad: Munich, Germany

More RFID scanning

Scanning for RFIDs



During the 2005-6 academic year, I did research in Europe as a Fulbright Fellow studying RFID and other wireless technologies. RFID tags have the potential to improve efficiency and save billions of dollars worldwide, but they pose great risks to individual privacy and other information leakage issues. My research develops an in-depth understanding of how businesses and governments balance the desired privacy rights of consumers with the vast opportunities of this technology.

Video: Being Interviewed for the 6pm and 10pm evening News regarding some of my research on RFID
RFID on the 6 and 10pm news!I wish I would have taken a shower that day...
Ahh.. the typical telejournalism walk...Yo... I look like a hobbit


spring 2005

SIMS 298 Section 15
Directed Group Study




During their final semester, SIMS Masters students are required to do a substantive final project. This culminating project is a challenging piece of work that integrates the skills and concepts we have learned in the classroom, and which prepares us to compete in the job market of your choice. During this seminar, I will be working on my final project called mReplay, is an information system called “mReplay” that provides instant sports replay and traditional media convergence functionality to mobile phones. Feel free to check for updates on the project at

Haas / MBA 290D
Design as a Strategic Management Issue

This course is the study of product design, facilities design, corporate identity design and how these design strategies are integral to product development and influence customer satisfaction, quality issues, manufacturing procedures and marketing tactics. I will be applying lessons learned from this course in conjunction with my design of mReplay.


SIMS 211
Group and Organizational Approaches to Information System Use

This course explores the relationship between organizations and the development and use of information technology and systems. It presumes that organizational models reflect the opportunities created by information technology and the changing institutional context. We will compare the implications of different organizational models for knowledge and information flows, learning within and between organizations, and learning between organizations and their environment. Case materials will draw from private and public sector organizations as well as professional, educational and other non-profit organizations. We will devote special attention to organizational transformations associated with new models of innovation and the “network” or knowledge economy.


fall 2004

Haas / MBA 290E
Marketing for High-Tech Entrepreneurs


During this course, we analysed numerous high tech marketing case studies and built on many principles for our final project.

Harvard Business Case Study: Materials Technology Corporation
Harvard Business Case Study: Transcape Systems
Harvard Business Case Study: Nortel Networks
Harvard Business Case Study: Ford Motor
Harvard Business Case Study: Imedia Corporation
Harvard Business Case Study: Biopure Corporation
UC Berkeley Case Study: Mu Chip
Harvard Business Case Study: Tivo
Harvard Business Case Study: Atheros Communications
UC Berkeley Case Study: RAPT
UC Berkeley Case Study: Mark Logic

Final Project: Clerisy is a multimedia search engine that enables smart search of TV shows, movies and other video content using proprietary technologies and search algorithms.


Electrical Enginnering & Computer Sci. C201
Strategic Computing and Communications Technology

Strategies under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)


Assignment 1: Strategies under the Digital Millennium
Copyright Act (DMCA)
White paper (.pdf) __________ Presentation (.pdf)

Assignment 2: In-Class presentation and debate
White paper (.pdf) __________ Presentation (.pdf)

SIMS 231
Economics of Information

We read many economics journal articles, and focused on a topic of our own. I presented my research on bandwagon effects with a paper and a presentation:

"The Trump Card of High Tech Industries: Bandwagon Effects."


SIMS 290 Section 1
Realizing Digital Convergence

Under Professor Yale Braunstein, I was the Teaching Assistant for this innovative course where lectures and project development were coordinated with a team from the Center for Digital Technology and Management in Munich, Germany. This course combined lectures on industry structure, market analysis, and business models with the development of a working prototype and business case for a multimedia application. The application was an innovative digital magazine that combined the possibilities of the Internet and mobile communications with traditional print content. See more here.

fall 2003

SIMS 202
Information Organization
and Retrieval



Currently, we are designing applications that provide a means of creating, sharing, and reusing mobile media and metadata with a Nokia 3650 cell phone. I belong to an innovative group (Garage Cinema Research) that is designing an application called Recreation Evaluation Interface (REI) and Wishter. REI media:

REI: Recreation Evaluation Interface Presentation (HTML)

REI: The Pitch
Click here for the ad in Windows Media Format (Windows Users)
Click here for the ad in Real Media Format (Must have RealPlayer)

I also was a part of a small team of user interface designers that designed the mobile phone UI and web UI for Wishter, which was presented to Nokia.

SIMS 204 A / 204 B
Information Organization
and Retrieval

- - - - - - - - - - -

First Half of Course (Professor Larry Downes)

Assignment 1: Testimony to Congress (no, not really, but it was a fun assignment)

Assignment 2: iTunes First Sale Issues (based on Mr. Hotelling's sale of his iTunes account)

Assignment 3: Response to FTC Report (my Dissent to the “Privacy Online: Fair Information Practices in the Electronic Marketplace”)

Assignment 4: Corcoran v. Sullivan (Supreme Court brief, in support of Sullivan)

Second Half of Course (Professor Van House)

Assignment 1: Social Construction of Technology (SCOT)

Assignment 2: Goffman Analysis of Professors' Websites

Assignment 3: Designing Technology to Empower Users: Deaf Find Voice, Executives Create Identity, and Grandparents Find Sanity with T-Mobile's Danger Sidekick

SIMS 255
Foundations of Software Design

My individually composed source code and Javadoc is available upon request for the following projects:

Memory Management and Program Structure

Java Tic-Tac-Toe

Analysis of Algorithms

Generating HTML using Trees and Recursion

Codebreaker I (Cryptography Program)

Codebreaker II

Synonym Graph (for Friendster protocol)

SIMS Bank Interface


Other individual projects:

I decided that UC Berkeley's tv ad campaign (generally played during football games and other televised events) is absolutely painful to watch. I decided one evening to produce my own tv ad for Berkeley.

Allow me to assure any of you who are thinking from looking above that the first year SIMS student has it have it all wrong. We have a ton of reading and other project work that keeps us all quite busy.


spring 2004

SIMS 214
Needs and Usability Assessment



Despite their growing numbers, elderly computer users are struggling with more usability barriers than ever before. Currently, I am researching elderly computer users in the Rossmoor Retirement Community and observing their interactions with a number of technologies' user interfaces and systems. Based on this research, I am designing an innovative prototype website (Compumoor) which provides optimal usability needs for children, elderly, disabled, and foriegn users. Comumoor media:

CSP: Compumoor Solutions Project Website (Beta Testing) An online presense of the Rossmoor Retirement Community

Compumoor Research: Preliminary Observations of Rossmoor Computer Center (.pdf) A Heuristics Evaluation using the Neilsen and Bureau of Labor Statistics Approaches (.pdf)

Compumoor Survey/Interviewing Excercise

Naïve Usability Assessment: Microsoft Wireless Keyboard/Mouse and TaxCut Software User Interface (.pdf)

SIMS 206
Distributed Computing Applications and Infrastructure

My composed source code and Javadoc is available upon request for the following projects:

External Data Representation and Marshalling Program

Simster I: a Peer-to-Peer Distributed System Application
My group's Simster I code was chosen as "ideal code" for other groups to use for the next Simster version. (See announcement.)

Simster II: a far more advanced version of our original Peer-to-Peer Simster application with AES encryption


SIMS 208 A / 208 B
Analysis of Information Systems and Organizations


First Half of Course (Professor Braunstein)

Compumoor: Project Description & Organizational Analysis (.pdf)

Compumoor: Gantt Chart of Project (.pdf)

Statistics Assignment

Compumoor: Brief Oral Project Description & Progress Report (.pdf)

Compumoor: Written Progress Reports (.pdf)

Compumoor: Economic Feasibility Analysis (.pdf)

Compumoor: Flow Chart or Data Flow Diagram (.pdf)

Compumoor: Final Paper and Presentation (.pdf)


Second Half of Course (Professor Lyman)

Assignments will be posted shortly

SIMS 299
Garage Cinema Research


Legal Team Leader (summary of team's responsibilities .pdf) and UI Designer

Designed and edited the Garage Cinema Research Bulletin (.pdf)

See Garage Cinema Research for more details.


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