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m y p h o t o s

Just as traditional photography is dependent on the reaction of the chemicals on the film to light, I believe we as people are dependent on photography to capture, cherish, and remember our lives. And now, with the amazing innovations in multimedia technology, what used to take a 35mm camera, a roll of film, photo chemicals, and a darkroom can all be done with a small cell phone. Yet, despite these amazing strides in the process and production of multimedia, most people still are media consumers, not media producers. I offer you the following glimpses into my life and hope someday you do the same for me. (And videos!) (And now.. MySpace photos)


Video: Being Interviewed for the 6pm and 10pm evening News
RFID on the 6 and 10pm news!I wish I would have taken a shower that day...Ahh.. the typical telejournalism walk...Yo... I look like a hobbit


flickr totally changed how they do the embeds... will need to work with it and put them back up

fulbright experience 2 0 0 5 -6



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